Jumpin' Off

Jumpin' Off

Welcome to The Old West!

The term "jumpin' off" was used to describe what somebody did when that person left one of the last points of eastern civilization (often St. Louis, Missouri) and traveled west. So, let's jump off into a new adventure that explores the old American west.

About The Old West

The Old West is a website that aims to bring the old American wild west to the internet in a fun and interactive way. The project is run as a hobby by Alex Seifert with the hope that others who enjoy the old west will find it as interesting as he does.

The website is not run for profit, but rather for a passion for programming and history.


Not all of the information on The Old West is originally from Alex since he doesn't have the time to write many articles about it even if he would like to. Therefore, most of the information on the website either comes from Wikipedia or from Alex's history blog, History Rhymes.

Since most of the content is available on other websites, The Old West concentrates on packing it and presenting it in ways that make it easier to browse and understand as well as more fun to use.

About Alex Seifert

Alex grew up in the state of Colorado and went to the University of Wyoming where he majored in history and German. His passion for the old west was formed by the experience of growing up in what used to be part of it.

Other than The Old West, Alex also runs a history blog, called History Rhymes that focuses on the history of the nineteenth century. Some posts are about the wild west, but there is some European history sprinkled in there as well.

Jumpin' Off

The best spot to get started is the Topics page. There you will find a continuously growing list of topics related to the old west. Within those topics, you will find articles related to them.